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Happy Friday
There Are Alot Of Good Men Out There!
Sexy in Motherhood
If u cannot breastfeed which brand formula would you use?
Are you pregnant or expecting a baby. How will you feel being a mom?


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Post Pregnancy

There Are Alot Of Good Men Out There!

There Are Alot Of Good Men Out There!
This may sound very contrary to popular belief, but, it is  a fact that many Jamaican men participate actively when there women become pregnant and after the baby is born?
 Babiez n  More would like to know if you believe men need to be actively involved during and after pregnancy?
What are their roles during this time?

Sexy in Motherhood

Is it possible to be a mother and be sexy. Do you lose your sex drive when you become a mother?

Breast Feeding

Being a mom is a wonderful experience !
Breast feeding for at least the first six months of post pregnancy life is highly recommended. Babies get all the nutrients they need from their moms breast milk at this point in their lives, it's also very economical,however, there are women who experience numerous challenges trying to breast feed.
Babiez n More wants to know
What has been your experience with breast feeding?
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